PLANNING FORUM – Annual Report 2015-2016

The planning forum had organized the following competitions in order to enhance overall performance and personality development of the students.

  • Quiz Competition
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Poster Making Competition
  • Presentation Competition

The academic year stared with Quiz Completion for both the XI and XII standard, where in 41 students participated. This helped the students to improve their awareness and their general knowledge about the current affairs. A few months later, we held the Essay Writing Competition, wherein the students were allowed to show their writing skills in the form of essay. Around 20 students were the part of the competition.

We also organized Poster Making Competition, where 20 students were present to show their talent and let them show their opinion about the current situation in the nation through the power of art and colors. The last but not the least we had the Presentation Competition, where the around 50 students were told to express their views on the current economic development and problems through PowerPoint Presentations.

The Planning Forum has tried to bring out the creativity, imaginative skills and the confidence of public speaking of the students through these activities.


Planning Forum 2015-2016

Planning Forum 2015-2016

Planning Forum 2015-2016



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