Department of Accountancy – Report on “Grow Your Skill”

Report on “GROW YOUR SKILL” (January 2016-February 2016)
With the rapid entry of foreign players, mega industry initiatives, major technological advancements across consumer, business and social aspects – professional graduate entry-level jobs will be created for millions in India. To compete with this challenges department of accountancy has initiated to introduce online learning programme.

“GROW YOUR SKILL” is the online learning programme with the aim toresolve Skillgap. Grow is an education to employment technology platform with a mission to solve the skills gap, support the fundamental education by being responsive to learning needs of employers and jobseekers, thereby build a community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love, through instruction and opportunity.GrowYour Skill learning program that helps accelerate job preparedness (industry readiness) for the under graduates. After successful seminars and registrations, the active learning engagement of the online skills program started from1stJanuary 2016 till 29th February 2016.

The programme basically provides a new online, native experience for education where people can learn skills at their own pace and any number of times to accelerate job preparedness. Department has Implemented this programme only for last year students, to make them competent to face the challenges. There were 50 sessions to complete this programme, 5 labs were occupied with 30 students in each lab with the time duration of 2 month.

The program garnered excellent interest amongstthe students helping them grow and enhance their skills in a short span.


Grow Your Skill - 2016 Grow Your Skill - 2016 Grow Your Skill - 2016

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