Alumni – Meeting Minutes : 2014-2015

Agenda for Alumni Meeting Schedule on 18th April, 2015

  1. Formal Registration of TCSC ALUMINI ASSOCIATION.
  2. Report of last Alumni Meet.
  3. To discuss all previous work and contribution of each department and their contribution. (As per the last minutes of meeting each department has to involve few alumni members.)
  4. Formation of 5 Member Core Committee and main Office bearer with immediate effect.
  5. Selecting members those who can involve in college activity and devote time from any department
  6. Formation of Executive committee(1 Member at least from each department)
  7. Issue of formal ID Card to all office bearer)
  8. Initiate Alumni Excellence Award  decided by Committee
  9. One to each department for more involvement and association of Alumni.
  10. Initiate contribution of funds by prominent Alumni for helping poor students.


Thanks for some of recognized work done by Alumni:

Assisting in Sports:

1. Abhishek yadav : Boxing
2. Jitu Sharma : Kick Boxing
3. Suri Mandoori : Boxing
4. Gaurav Pandey(Ex-Sports Secretary  ) : Basket Ball

Assisting in NSS:

1. Ms. Vanita Pandey

Assisting in Website Updates  and Net-Campus Job:

1. Mr. Nilesh Purohit

Assisting in Technological training and up-gradation:

1. Mr. Mahendra Sharma
2. Mr. Nilesh Singh

Contribution as a Scholarship for poor students:

1. Mr. Mahendra Sharma:   Rs. 30,000/-
2. Mr. Raja Shah: Rs. 20.000/-
3. Mr. Vinay Vyas: Rs, 30,000/-
4. Mr. Ankur Chaturvedi Rs, 20,000/-

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